Policy of reorganization

Policy of reorganization at Saga Akademia


Saga Akademia is a private school operating as a private entity.

Saga Akademia is a part of schooling system in Suðurnes and takes part, in coperation with other local comapanies and institutions, in forming and development of Icelandic language teaching.

Teaching at Saga Akademii is partly conducted online.

The aim of Saga Akademii is to provide students with best teaching solutions in the field of selected subjects.

Courses and teaching:

Icelandic teaching to foreigners is based on curriculum published by the Ministry of Eductation and Culture.

Teaching of other foreign languages is based on European standards of language teaching.

Quality policy and reorganization:

Teachers and employees of Saga Akademii are constantly working on improving the teaching.

The aim at Saga Akademia is to ensure that all the teachers have university education within their field, teaching qualifications and experience in teaching foreign languages.

Supervisors, teachers and employees of Saga Akademia are constatntly working on providing resources and methods which suit the students‘ needs.

Types of learning resources:

Teachers develop the curriculum in consultation with school‘s administration. Saga Akademia has published several textbooks for Icelandic as a foreign language. Saga Akademia has also published video resources on YouTube for

Polish- speaking students learning Icelandic.

School year 2020-2021:

Due to COVID 19 a significant part of teaching takes place online, through Skype/Zoom.

In autumn term of 2020 school also teaches Spanish language.

Operations of Krakka Adkademii (school for Polish children) have been suspended for school year of 2020-2021 due to COVID 19.