I. Rights

1. Each student should refer to the school rules before signing in for a course.
2. Signing in for a course is only possible at Saga Akademia by the headmaster or his assistant.
3. Saga Akademia is required to conduct courses as described in the announcement of the course and at the specified time.
4. The school representative has the right to inerfere in the student's private matters concerning the ability of paying for the course, namely they have the right to ask in the appropriate unions whether the student has the right to be refunded for the course; or in the jobcenter about the student's legal status.
5. Any information gained will be protected by Saga Akademia and to their use only.
6. In case of a dispute on matters relating to school, the headmaster of Saga Akademia or his representative determines the points in dispute. Decisions of the headmaster or his representative shall be deemed biding.
7. Saga Akademia - language school reserves the right to reject an application for commencement of the course without any arguments.
8. Each student has the right to study the chosen subject with the highly qualified teachers.
9. Each student has the right to access to information on the qualifications of the teacher conducting the course.
10. Each student is provided with study materials. Some of the materials can be borrowed and some will be included in the course fee and will become student's property.

II. Obligations 

1. Group courses
1) The course fee should be paid no later than 4 weeks from the start of the course.
2) The course fee is not refundable in any circumstances.
3) Each student has to attend at least 75% (in some cases 90%) of the course and pass the final test to get the certificate.
4) Each course is composed of a specified number of educational units. There is no possibility of dividing the course into parts
5) Each student participating in the group courses have to follow its pattern and cannot take less than specified number of lessons.

2. Individual teaching.
1) Each student has to inform the teacher of the absence 24 hours prior the planned meeting.
2) Each student is obliged to be punctual. If the student does not appear in the class within 15 minutes from planned time, the meeting is considered cancelled and the student has to pay half of the price of the teaching hour lost.

III. Other
1. Saga Akademia is not liable for injury, loss or destruction of the student's property.
2. The classes do not take place during holidays (red cards in the calendar)
3. Each student who takes more than one course at Saga Akademia within a year is allowed a discount on the next course chosen

4. Family members participating in the same course are allowed a discount on the course for one of the family members.